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In All Things May God Be Glorified

Specialist Programs

We are fortunate to have an outstanding specialist program at St. Joseph's.  
Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program aims to develop and strengthen the enjoyment and understanding of music. The children are given the opportunity to acquire musical knowledge through experiences in singing, listening, moving, playing and creating. Each grade attends one music lesson a week. 

Visual Arts

St. Joseph's has a dedicated art room that students utilise with a sepcialist teacher for creating artworks through a variety of mediums.  Children attend Visual Arts lessons on a weekly basis.

Physical Education 

Students participate in weekly PE lessons that focus on fundamental motor skills, games and moverment.  The children have the opportunity to particpate in cross country, athletics, winter sports (football, netball, t-ball) and a school based swimming program. 

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a 1:1 intervention proramg for reading for students in year 1.  

Extending Mathematic Understandings - EMU

The "EMU" mathematics  program is offered at St Joseph's for students who need support with mathematics. At St Joseph's we recognise the importance of providing children with a strong numeracy skill base for future learning. The "EMU" program recognises the individual needs of each and every student and teaches techniques that provide students with the skills to become confident at Mathematics.


Every class attends library lessons on a weekly basis. All children are enouraged to borrow books from the library.

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