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In All Things May God Be Glorified

Philosophy of Learning


At St. Joseph’s we believe

  • All children can learn.
  • All educators are learners.
  • Educators can make a difference.
  • Learning and teaching is inclusive of all students.
  • Positive support, high expectation and an engaging learning environment will assist students in their learning.
  • The involvement of family, peers and the community in the learning process enhances student outcomes.
  • Ongoing monitoring of student progress and feedback are crucial to a child’s education.
  • Learning and teaching is supported by a comprehensive, challenging and balanced curriculum.
  • Our Catholic faith is central to the learning and teaching.
  • We can develop a relationship with God and others based on the teachings of the gospel.



  • The source curriculum are Victorian Curriculum and The Source of Life.
  • Students are actively engaged in the learning process by a range of learning experiences and practices.
  • Various assessment and reporting procedures reflect and compliment teaching approaches.
  • Educators will develop a positive relationship will all involved in the learning process.
  • The school will track student achievement each year through the monitoring of student assessments against school targets, paying particular attention to the are of English (Literacy) and Mathematics (Numeracy)
  • Victorian Curriculum is used to structure the learning experiences for all students at our school, as well as providing rigorous standards of achievement for all learners.
  • The inquiry approach is adopted at our school as the foundation for integrated curriculum planning.

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