St Joseph's Primary School, Kerang

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In All Things May God Be Glorified


Our school has a long history...

The Good Samaritan Sisters began teaching in Kerang in 1912. The Most Rev. Stephen Reville D.D.O.S.A. Bishop of Bendigo, laid the foundation stone of St. Joseph’s School Kerang on March 3rd 1912. Local reports say that approximately 60 scholars started at the school on Wednesday 2nd October 1912. The Sisters remained in charge of the school until the first lay Principal was appointed in 1980. Extensions to the school buildings in 1958 enabled the Sisters to move out of the original school building. The school building was then converted into a Parish Hall.

Around 1968, further extensions were added including: four classrooms, a staff room, library, work room and toilets. The school has a strong history of proactive involvement of parents and parishioners from attending to ongoing maintenance through to school governance. The St. Joseph’s School Board was one of the first School Boards to be formed and today the School Board is heavily involved in all areas of School Improvement.

Since 1997, the School Board has actively sought local and Capital Grant support to enable the community to provide for the current and future needs of its children. In 2002, we completed the first stage of a 4-phase Capital Works Program, the construction of a Library. In 2004, we completed the Second Stage of the overall project ~ Student Amenities, Storage Areas and an upgrade to the School Canteen. In 2005, Stage 3 was completed with an upgraded Administration area incorporating offices, a meeting room and a sick bay. In 2007, Stage 4 was completed with a new staff room and resource room. In 2008, we received a Water Grant and we were able to purchase 7 large water tanks which will collect storm water from our extensive roof. In 2009-2011 we were successful in our application for the P.R.I.D.E., B.E.R., Needy Schools and the Solar Government Grants which were available. These grants have enabled us to address improvements to the school from our Master Plan.

We are proud of the origins of the school and strive to maintain the traditions of old and remain a progressive and proactive educational community. We enjoy a high level of parental involvement in the school and continually seek new ways to engage our community for the good of the children in our care. We value the vital partnerships that need to exist between home, school, parish and the wider community.

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