St Joseph's Primary School, Kerang

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In All Things May God Be Glorified


Special Programmes...

Every class attends library lessons each week for a 1hour session. All children are enouraged to borrow books from the library. Books are borrowed for two weeks at a time.

Music/Performing Arts
The Music Program aims to develop and strengthen the enjoyment and understanding of music. The children are given the opportunity to acquire musical knowledge through experiences in singing, listening, moving, playing and creating. Each grade attends one music lesson a week. Children in grades 2,3,4,5 and 6 are able to join a voluntary choir during lunchtime and some class time sessions.

Mathematics Program
The "EMU" mathematics  program is offered at St Joseph's for students who need support with mathematics. At St Joseph's we recognise the importance of providing children with a strong numeracy skill base for future learning. The "EMU" program recognises the individual needs of each and every student and teaches techniques that provide students with the skills to become confident at Mathematics.

Religous Education
Our Religious Education programme aims to
• assist the children to recognise the presence of Jesus in their lives, through his message in the Scriptures;
• encourage the children to experience themselves as part of creation and to recognise all creation as a sign of God's goodness;
• provide a climate where the children's faith can be nurtured in trust and freedom;
• lead the children to know, to understand and to appreciate the spiritual and religious dimensions of life as expressed in the Catholic faith tradition;
• assist the children to appreciate belonging to and celebrating with the local parish community
Children attend Mass on special occassions such as the Feast of the Assumption, The Feast of the Sacred Heart, Ash Wednesday and St Joseph's Day.

The Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are celebrated for children in Grade 3.
Our Parish Priest visits the school on a regular basis and we share celebrations both at school and in the Parish Community.